Complete Skwerl Challenges

Become Qualified and Earn More

Skwerl offers free skill tests, known as Skwerl Challenges, that cover a range of topics from AutoCAD drafting to Peer Reviews.  You can take these challenges to demonstrate your skills and make yourself more marketable by qualifying for more types of work. Take as many challenges as you want—for maximum impact, you may want to take tests corresponding with the type of tasks you want to apply for.

All Skwerl Challenges that you have passed are listed on your “My Dashboard” page.

You must pass atleast (1) Skwerl Challenge as part of your application process to demonstrate your qualifications.

Taking Skwerl Challenges

Wondering which challenge to take? Here are some ideas:

  • Start with the skills you have listed on your profile. Take the corresponding tests so that your matching skills can be badged as Qualified to help you demonstrate your qualifications.

  • When you see a task that you’re interested in, take the skwerl challenge that correspond to the required qualifications. This will help demonstrate that you are the right freelancer for the task as you have demonstrated you are capable. After you pass a challenge, you are now qualified to apply to any task that list that lists that particular requirement.

  • Take challenges where there is the most work.  If the Available Tasks page is consistently offering tasks that require ArchiCAD, it would be wise to qualify for this type of work by completing the associated Skwerl Challenge.

Although Skwerl doesn’t provide study guides, you can review a general outline of the topics before you take each test.

There’s no penalty for failing a skwerl challenge, you can take as many as you want, and you are free to retake the test after 30 days. You’re welcome to retake tests periodically as your skills improve.


All tests are scored on a Pass / Fail basis.  The criteria for each exam is unique, therefore different criteria is used to determine the results.

Unfortunately, at this time Skwerl does not provide a comprehensive review of all your results.


To find and take a free Skwerl Challenge:

  1. Click Freelancer at the top navigation bar, and then click “Skwerl Challenges” tab.
  2. Review the list of available Skwerl Challenges.  
  3. Select a challenge and click its title. Review the instructions, then click the Download Challenge button.
  4. Complete the challenge as per the provided instructions to the best of your ablity.
  5. Once you have completed the challenge, return to the “Skwerl Challenges” tab and select “Upload Completed Challenge”.  

Internal Scoring Process

Skwerl will review and score your uploaded Skwerl Challenge. This usually takes three to five business days. Skwerl will notify you when we complete the review with the results.

Testing Requirements

Additionally, you should comply with the following requirements while taking Skwerl Challenges:

  • Do not take a test on behalf of someone else.

  • Do not obtain improper access to the challenge or any part of the challenge before you take it by observing someone else take the challenge, discussing the requirements with someone else who took the test, looking up completed challenges online, etc.

  • Do not disclose, publish, reproduce or transmit any part of the Skwerl Challenge, in any form, by any means, visual, verbal, or written, for any purpose.  Taking screenshots during any challenge is strictly prohibited.

  • Skwerl Challenges are meant to be taken by a single individual only. Don’t collaborate with other challenge-takers or refer to their screens, testing materials, or content files.

  • All issued challenges have a unique combination of questions and answers and any submission that is not unique (ie, copied materials) will result in immediate account suspension.

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