What is a Skwerl?

Skwerl (pronounced: squirrel)

A “Skwerl” is the term we use to define our community of independent contractors.  An independent contractor is a natural person, business, or corporation that provides services to Skwerl under terms specified in a contract (see ‘Work Order’).  Unlike an employee, an independent contractor does not work regularly for an employer but works as and when required, during which time he or she may be subject to law of agency. Independent contractors are usually paid on a freelance basis. Contractors often work through a limited company or franchise, which they themselves own, or may work through an umbrella company.

An Independent Contractor:

  • Operates under a business name/license

  • Maintains a separate business checking account

  • Has own tools (including software licenses & hardware)

  • Sets own hours

  • Keeps business records

  • May have his/her own employees

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