Getting Started as a Freelancer

Welcome to the Skwerl Community! 

You can begin viewing tasks right away, but you must complete a few steps before being awarded any contracts. 

  • Setup your payment method through Gusto.

  • Complete your Profile (including skills, work history, and profile picture), which helps us feel that you're a reliable, authentic, and committed member of the Skwerl community.

  • Take additional Skwerl Challenges to qualify for work-types and increase your marketability. Completing these challenges is your most powerful tool for being awarded contracts.

To check out available work:

  1. Go to the ‘Available Tasks’ page.

  2. Tasks are categorized based required qualifications. Select the different task categories to view the available tasks.

  3. Click on the individual task assignments to view the complete work order outlining the full scope of work and any additional requirements.

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